Regular Scheduled Cleaning Services

No contracts needed

Do you have a busy schedule, work all day and night, or even stay home with the kids and are constantly chasing tasks you just can't seem to finish in your home?  Don't worry we're one call away and are available to schedule your cleaning at your time in need! Our cleaning professionals will complete those tasks so you'll come home and relax by the end of your day. 2020 hasn't been the best year for any of us especially for the elderly and the ill. By scheduling a cleaning we can reduce the spread of COVID-19, bacteria, allergens and other viruses.We understand things happen and sometimes, financially you can't always afford services which is why we're the perfect business for you! We're here to provide you a service that you can afford without locking in a contract. Stop saying you'll get to it later and just leave the work to us, you'll be pleased to see a professional quality cleaning.

Regular scheduled cleaning services we provide:

  • Weekly – For busy homes with a lot of traffic

  • Bi-weekly General upkeep 

  • Monthly  Deep cleaning