Mademoiselle's Cleaning Services

Mademoiselle's Cleaning Services is a Residential and Janitorial cleaning company based out of Richmond, Ca. It was founded by Janell Mejia in 2014. MCS started seeing residential clients, as we grew we slowly gained commercial clients. We are constantly growing and learning new skills along the way. Our goal is to have enough clients so that we can eventually expand across the state and go even further. For many years Janell has worked alone full time keeping the company up and running. Now MCS has hired multiple employees to take on more tasks and schedule more clients throughout the day. We deliver our services with the upmost respect for our clients because they are who makes us grow. We are always looking for new ways to improve, rather its back office or on the job. We love to hear our customers stories and opinions so we can continue to learn and strive. If you are looking for services we are currently serving The Bay Area and surrounding areas but willing to travel so please don't hesitate to reach out or pass our info along.